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Partnership in Kenya

At our club meeting on January 15th we had a wonderful presentation from our President Elect, Sheila McLuckie about her visit to Kenya last summer; Sheila was joined by her Grove Academy colleague, now retired rector, John Hunter.

Sheila and John explained the four year partnership between Grove Academy + St Stephen and West Church, and Meru Schools in Kenya. Funds had been raised here in Scotland to build new classrooms and a kindergarten. Sheila’s visit last summer was her second to the project, the first in 2008, and was to open new Primary School classrooms and review the progress of the kindergarten.

On Sheila’s first visit to Kenya she travelled to a much poorer community at Limbene to visit a primary school. The conditions in 2008 were very basic but when she returned this time things seemed to be even worse.  See picture.

Limbene Classroom!



Determined that something had to be done for this extremely poor school, Sheila has embarked on a fund raising initiative to build new classrooms.