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Scottish Refugee Council

On Tuesday September 22nd club members heard of the work of the Scottish Refugee Council.

Nina Murray is the Women’s Policy Development Officer with the Scottish Refuge Council. Nina leads on SRC’s women’s project working to support refugee women and to influence the policies and practices that affect their lives in Scotland. Her remit is advocacy and community and engagement.

Nina and Ayanda with President Norma
Nina and Ayanda with President Norma


Nina supports the Refuge Women’s Strategy Group which is composed of refugee women who are seeking to influence government by voicing their needs. In particular they would like cash in their pockets as well as or in lieu of vouchers for food and basic living requirements. Good childcare and the opportunity for employment to reduce dependency and increase integration into the local community would  improve their lives enormously. Ayanda Dube , a leader of this group, spoke of her own personal situation and the impact it is having on her husband and two girls.

Members gained a deeper understanding of the plight of the asylum seeker. Many were dismayed by the length of time asylum seekers have to wait before their case is finally decided.