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Dundee on Course to be the First Toilet Twinned City in Scotland.

SI Dundee toilet twinning team continue to work hard to make Dundee the first Toilet Twinned city in Scotland.


Local MSP’s and MP’s signed up to twinning their loos in support of the project. MSP’s Joe Fitzpatrick and Shona Robinson  together with MP’s Chris Low and Stuart Hosie all twinned their loos. Well done SI DUNDEE Team.  

Joe Fitzpatrick MSP, Chris Law MP, Shona Robinson MSP



Wellgate Shopping Centre – April 30th. SI Dundee members raised awareness among city shoppers of the lack of access to safe sanitation – the plight of billions around the world. Young women are particularly at risk, as they head for the fields first thing in the morning or last thing at night to relieve themselves, from violence and rape.

A very easy solution is for those of us who have a loo to contribute to those who do not.

Please see Toilet Twinning website for more information .