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Members Support SI Perth – Nursing Memorial Appeal

Four SI Dundee members attended SI Perth’s event:

Guests, President Ann, Sonja -in uniform.


Members of Soroptimist International Perth were delighted to welcome visitors to their February meeting at which the patron & supporters of the Nursing Memorial Appeal informed us, using anecdotes, letters, poems and bulletins, that over 1500 nurses died during the First & Second World Wars.  These included the Voluntary Aid Detachment (VAD), volunteers from many backgrounds and their sacrifice has never been fully recognised, until now.  The memorial, a globe surrounded by a pair of hands, will be dedicated at the National Memorial Arboretum this summer and will include engraving of the names of those who died in service, into the ocean areas of the globe.

In addition, we heard of Extreme Nursing Today, the ongoing legacy of the Nursing Memorial Appeal which will ensure proper training for those nurses working in today’s and future war zones, noting that in the two World Wars many nurses were plunged into war zones with little or no training.

Everyone present was touched by the very moving tribute and following a collection, £350 was presented for the Appeal.’