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Dianne Hosts Friends from SI Kolkata

Dianne Stout, a frequent visitor to India hosted three Soroptrimist friends from SI Kolkata.

Five SI Dundee members had a very pleasant morning at Dianne’s coffee morning spending time chatting with the visitors: Bijli Mallik, Leena Deb and Ranjana Pillai. It was good to hear first hand of the long term projects SI Kolkata is running for the poor and disadvantaged.

Dianne, and her husband Brian, have supported the work of SI Kolkata with the street children of the city for many years.

L/R Bijli Malik, Leena Deb, Ranjana Pillai, Reg President Prue Watson, hostess Dianne, Club President Norma McGovern.


SI Dundee Friendship Officer, Sheila, chats with the guests.