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Scotland North Region Meeting

Due to the ongoing Covid pandemic it was not possible for the clubs of Scotland North to meet together in person for their AGM and Regional Meeting.

However, on Saturday September 19th, Regional President Katie welcomed thirty-three members from across the region through the wonders of Zoom. Several members of SI Dundee attended.

Once the business was complete a presentation of the Federation Project-Empowering Girls in Nepal- was given by Philip Holmes the CEO of ChoraChori.

This was a most interesting talk by Philip, who explained that due to the pandemic much of the work with the young girls had been suspended.  However, he went on to tell us how his charity had come to the aid of families living on the plains in the south of the country. Under normal circumstances the husband, who was the bread winner, would send money home from his employment in India, but due to the health crisis these men had lost their jobs and had been sent back to Nepal. Many of theses families would have starved without the intervention of Philip and his team.

This was a very interesting and enjoyable meeting.

Thanks to Regional President Katie and team.