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Women Helping Women

Lockdown did nothing to hamper the fundraising efforts of local Dundee Soroptimists and their friends. In fact, it seemed to spur them on to greater efforts.

In April they raised funds for food banks in Dundee and Angus. Hearing a plea from Dundee Women’s Aid for toiletries two of their members accumulated a substantial collection. Friends who responded to this initial request have continued to hand in toiletries to one of the members. As a result, there has been a monthly delivery to Women’s Aid, the Criminal justice and Salvation Army – for men too. It is not unusual for this Soroptimist in her late sixties to find huge packs of disposable nappies on her doorstep!

Additionally, members have been sponsored to complete the kiltwalk and another to ‘swim’ 100 breaststrokes daily while swimming pools were shut. These efforts resulted in a considerable sum being raised for the UK Soroptimists charity Empowering Girls in Nepal.

Support and fundraising continue for projects linked to Dundee SIs friendship link clubs in India and Kenya. Through selling hand painted stones and acrylic paintings over £750 has been raised for Limbene PS and African jewellery and cross- stitched pictures are on sale to raise funds for St Stephen’s kindergarten in Meru. Twelve years on these schools now have substantial classrooms and furniture thanks to the generosity of Dundonians.

Finally, lockdown has encouraged Soroptimists to breakdown international barriers through using Zoom to meet with sister Soroptimists in Pune and Kolkata.

To mark International Day of Peace a Zoom call with SI Pune Metro East was enjoyed by all who took part.

                       SIPME Zoom Call

Thanks to Sheila McLuckie for submitting this update.