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Marking Human Rights Day

Human Rights Day 10th December 2020 ; SI Dundee Celebrates with SISKThe Soroptimist Club of South Kolkata-

Maureen, Dianne and Prue joined members of SISK and pupils, boys and girls from the local school in Calcutta to mark Human Rights Day.

Ms Anuradha Kapoor, founder of Swayam in 1995 gave an excellent talk about the witting and unwitting abuse suffered by women in the home, at work and on the street and the steps that her organisation is taking to raise awareness of women’s rights and to give them support through counselling, legal advice, skills training and practical information.  Initially there were 3 centres in Calcutta but since Covid lockdown they are receiving calls from across India and beyond. Through their links with other agencies and charities they can point women to help in their local area.

SISK with IPER have set up a free legal aid service for women. Many of their calls are about property and women’s rights.

The second speaker was Ayushi Kundu, a young member of SI Kolkata who has taken the opportunities offered through SI to attend SIGBI Conferences and CSW meetings as a SIGBI representative.  She gave a very succinct description of the relationship between SI and the UN.

Prue Watson

SI Dundee