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President’s Message 2019-2020

President Frances Menter opened the session on September 3rd 2019 with an ‘out’ meeting at the Hotel Indigo. The meeting was well attended.

President ‘s Message to the Club:

We have had a good summer with our outing to the Barnhill Rock Garden followed by afternoon tea at Jessie’s Kitchen and then, a couple of weeks ago, a garden party at Carole’s. The weather wasn’t great but we still managed a tour of Carole’s stunning garden once the rain went off. Thank you, Carole, for organising the outing and hosting us at your house!

The summer has been a busy time for members of the Executive and me, making arrangements for the coming year. My special thanks to Jan for her solid support, giving me advice and attending meetings with me, and, of course, keeping us all in the loop about all matters Soroptimist. I hope we have some exciting times ahead!

Our theme for the year – Let’s make a difference – in Dundee and elsewhere is reflected in the programme. The speakers we have all work in Dundee providing support for vulnerable women in many different ways. Our opening speaker is Kathryn Baker. Kathryn is the Chief Executive of Tayside Council on Alcohol (TCA) which is one of the leading providers of support services in the Tayside area for people who are affected by the misuse of alcohol. This organisation provides support in many different ways, and after hearing Kathryn speak, I will be asking members to consider where we can target our support, both practical, and in fundraising.

Other speakers include Claire Bee of Just Bee Productions, and her daughter, Be Charlotte. We hope to have her sister, Dr. Kate Stone, as well, however she lives in Woodstock in the USA, so we are waiting to hear when she will be in Scotland next. We will also have Gordon Sharp, locum minister and community development worker at Dundee West Church, speaking about ‘Making Dundee Home’.

I am looking for fundraising ideas. We have booked a quiz at the Fort Bar in Broughty Ferry for 10th March 2020.

Above all, I hope we can have some fun! Amazingly, it is the Beatles 60th anniversary in 2020. Maybe we can sing some of their songs? A games night could be good? All suggestions welcome!

I’m looking forward to a fruitful year ahead, working with you all to support vulnerable women, and also sharing your good company at our meetings and social events.