Grow your brand

APRIL 8TH 2018 update on ‘Grow Your Brand’ SI Dunfermline

Following much discussion and debate we have a good 3 year rolling programme for moving our club into the future. We have also agreed a 3 year rolling programme for our Programme Action activities.

We have the support from the club members to ensure that every body in the club is able to take part and contribute in the successful running of the club and reaching our goals.

In addition to the ‘work’ of the club we continue with our extracurricular activities which are of a more social type. We have agreed that we need time to talk and laugh and enjoy doing different things. Last week we had a great evening with glass fusion – lots of lovely items created (no artistic talent was required!) and lots of laughter and enjoyment.                                                                      ‘Sailing into the future’.  Tina


As part of the SIGBI inspired programme of ‘ Grow Your Brand’ SI Dunfermline

is reviewing how it functions and what  action activities are most pertinent to today’s world and the aspirations of the Dunfermline members.  We have a broad outline 3 year plan which will be populated by activity in the spheres of membership, communication and essentially programme action. To underpin these inter-related activities the management of our club

Grow your brand – Perth July 2017

programme is also being reviewed. 2018 – a new year and an invigorated club!