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Going strong in Covid!

Who is going strong in covid? We are!

Here in the east end of London, Soroptimist East London is going from strength to strength in covid-lockdown times. Like many other charitable organisations, we’ve faced challenges in the current crisis. But our group is thriving in these difficult times.

What’s the secret to going strong in covid times?

Maggie, one of our members, explains why Soroptimist East London is going strong in covid times.  Maggie says, “at this time, it’s easy for people to feel lonely or bored, so it’s really important that womencome together to keep our spirits up and empower ourselves so that we are able to get out there and empower other women through our voluntary work”.  That’s exactly what Soroptimist East London does – we empower members so we can stand up for other women and achieve positive change.

What is Soroptimist East London Doing During Covid Lockdown?

Soroptimist East London has been meeting online on a regular basis during covid lockdown. This includes regular Soroptimist monthly meetings and also additional on-line socials to keep members connected and supported.

Going strong in Covid Lockdown! Soroptimist East London members and guests participating in our on-line Female Focused Quiz during Covid Lockdown.

Every two weeks we’ve been holding a fabulous, fierce and female-focused online quiz with Fola.  The quiz has questions all about women’s history and achievements past and present. It’s fiendishly difficult. Even as members of a women’s organisation there are lots of things we don’t know about our own past and present.  It’s not a competition; it’s an opportunity for us to see each other, have fun and learn all at the same time. To learn more about our female-focused online quiz read our blog “Covid Lockdown Quiz”.

Soroptimist East London has also started new projects during this time.  Members who are not self-isolating are taking advantage of their daily “covid allowed” walk to explore local women’s history in East London and participate in the East End Women’s Museum project called “women’s history on my walk”.   Other members are running on-line English language conversation sessions for women volunteers of The Ideas Partnership, a charity working with marginalised communities in Kosovo. Nearer to home, members are getting involved in the Soroptimist International of Leeds Literary Prize for unpublished BAME women writers.  And, finally, Soroptimist East London members are also volunteering to support others through covid-times right here in East London.  Members are supporting neighbours through local covid community mutual aid groups in Tower Hamlets and Walthamstow and have also assisted Beyond the Streets a charity helping women get out of street prostitution.

What else has Soroptimist East London been doing?

During covid lockdown, we’ve been taking the time to think about how we empower women to achieve positive change and sustainable development in east London and around the world. We’ve been able to come up with a whole new approach. If you’re interested to learn more, read our blog “What Does Soroptimist East London Do?”.

We’ve also taken the time to ensure that all members become more digitally literate and know how to use online video conferencing platforms.  In 2018 women made up more than 50% of the UK’s non-internet users according to the UK Office for National Statistics.  So making sure that Soroptimist members of all ages feel confident in using these tools is a practical way of empowering women!  We’re looking forward to using these digital skills in the future to connect with women around the world on-line!

Interested to learn more or get involved?

If you are interested to get involved, Membership Secretary Sally says “it’s a great time to join us, we’ve got a whole new programme of exciting projects and talks lined up and we’re raring to go! Our friendly club welcomes new members so please do contact us to learn more!”

You can also follow us on social media through Facebook or twitter!

Soroptimist East London really is going strong in covid – and the local press in South Woodford and Wanstead Village seem to agree!