Visit to the Houses of Parliament (May 2017)

Mary Branson's 'New Dawn' window

Mary Branson’s ‘New Dawn’ window

A group of Eastbourne Soroptimists enjoyed an absorbing visit to the Palace of Westminster in mid-May; this was arranged through Eastbourne’s MP, but our guide was an enthusiastic Scot who took us into both Chambers, into the rabbit-warren of corridors that connects various parts of the Palace, and Westminster Hall. The House of Commons area was unusually quiet in the run-up to the 2017 General Election, which meant that we could move around more freely than usual.

We were delighted to see Mary Branson’s ‘New Dawn’ stained glass window, which celebrates 150 years since the start of the campaign for women’s right to vote.


We also stopped for a photo opportunity by the memorial to the Suffragettes in Victoria Street.