Edinburgh Peace Initiative

At the beginning of December 2012 SI Edinburgh celebrated its 85th charter anniversary with a tea party. Former Lord Provost George Grubb gave a presentation about the Edinburgh Peace Initiative, thanking Soroptimsts of Edinburgh for being instrumental in setting this up. He expressed his hope that the Edinburgh Peace Initiative would be able to play a part in conflict resolution throughout the world.

George Grubb with President Christine, and two President Elect Anns!












During the Edinburgh Festival of Spirituality the Edinburgh peace Initiative held an exhibition at St John’s.  Soroptimist International was recognised in the programme for the support given.



April 24th was the launch of the logo for Edinburgh Peace Initiative,


March 2nd saw the launch of the Lord Provost-inspired Edinburgh Peace
Initiative (EPI) A collective of different groups around the city, united by
the common goal of achieving peace in its various forms, gathered in the
European Room to pledge their agreement to the mission statement of the EPI. In
attendance were representatives from the United Nations Association (UNA), the
Inter-faith community, Soroptimist International and the University of
Edinburgh’s renowned theology department. They were among members of thirty
plus local civil society organisations that engage in peace and conflict


It is hoped that the EPI will build on the Edinburgh Peace award and will support
opportunities for dialogue within all sectors of the community.  It will be given prominence during the
prestigious Edinburgh Festivals.