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55th Annual Charter Lunch at Imperial Hotel, Llandudno 04/03/2018

SI Llandudno Club President Elaine Bullock and other club members celebrated the 55th anniversary of the Club Charter on Sunday 4th March 2018 at the Imperial Hotel Llandudno. Members from around the region also attended; from Ellesmere Port, Regional President, Hilary Laidler, and Club President, Jean Diamond, were accompanied by club members Eilish Trow, Gerry Godwin, Heather Duggan, Lindsey Brett, and the club’s newest member, Carol Warrington.







Their guest speaker, Sara Jones, spoke about the importance of International Women’s Day and marking the centenary of the Suffragettes Votes for Women Campaign.

Members of SI Ellesmere Port and district will be joining the walk at Parkgate on the Wirral on Saturday 10/03/2018 to commemorate International Women’s Day and raise awareness of the achievements of the suffragist movement.