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Trafficking Conference : Raising awareness of the vulnerability of young people

September 2010

Soroptimists up and down the country remember this conference well.  The event attracted 140 delegates and a long list of high-profile speakers.  It was just one example of how members raise awareness about issues that affect women and girls around the world.  The Purple Teardrop Campaign had been set up by fellow Soroptimists some time before our event and highlighted the needs of women trafficked around the world but the SI Epsom conference made people aware of the vulnerability of young boys and girls in this trade.  It is heartening to know that an event such as this, that  the commitment of others has made people so much more aware of trafficking.  It has brought a change of legislation, so that traffickers are much more likely to be arrested and punished for their crimes and it has brought a greater understanding of the plight of the victims of trafficking, who are now shown more empathy.