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Our recent Charter Lunch was extremely well attended with club members and guests enjoying an excellent meal provided by the Fishguard Bay Hotel, and brilliant entertainment by members of the local Fishguard Young Farmers Club. In the picture, club members are joined by Regional President Amanda, and in-coming Regional Secretary, Gordina.

The Charter Lunch was also supported by a number of local clubs and organisations. Joining us at the lunch were members from our local Soroptimist cluster group clubs, the local Young Farmers President and Chairman, The County National Farmers Union representative, The Fishguard Show President, The Lions Club President, The Round Table President, The Tangent President, The Club 41 President, The Ladies Circle Chairman and President, The St. David’s and District Pony Club DC, The Haverfordwest Male Voice Choir Chairman, and The Scleddau Community Council Chairman.

Proceeds from the event have been donated to the Young Farmers Club to help finance the building of their new club hall.

During our Summer community support programme, we again took a stall at the Fishguard Carnival. Our “Gain on Thrones” Challenge – to dress up in costumes and props provided by us, sit on the ‘Throne’ ( a ceramic toilet donated by Jewsons, Haverfordwest),  take your own picture, and give a pound for the privilege, attracted young children and families. Proceeds from this go to

Club members visited a drop in session at POINT Young Person’s Trust recently, to present a cheque for £1300. This was part of the proceeds from our Summer Community programme. In the picture, President Perys is surrounded by young POINT members while General Manager Zoe Davies receives the donation

The Money will be used directly to help fund the club’s “Healthy Living ” project. Running since July 2014, this is an initiative to teach young people about planting and growing vegetables and involving them in transforming grown produce into healthy meals. Youth centre staff involve the youngsters in preparing and cooking produce, turning out healthy meals which club members can then enjoy. They learn about food hygiene, cooking skills, and the importance of eating a healthy balanced diet. This activity, overseen by centre staff, takes place 3-4 times each week.  Monies will also go towards formal training for club members in food handling and hygiene – skills which will be put to work in organising an inter-generational party in the Summer as part of the national “Campaign to End Loneliness.”

Previously, the club provided funds for a kitchen up-grade of equipment and resources to commercial standards to facilitate activities of this kind. This has enabled young people to develop skills, gain food handling qualifications, and develop confidence, all of which help tham get jobs or undertake further training in catering.




After a successful year which has included our annual Summer Community Initiative, we have recently allocated the proceeds from fund-raising to a number of local community groups and organisations

Other donations have been made during the year to Hen Galan New Year Party; Fishguard New Year Community Party in the Square; Lota Skate Park Initiative; Theatre Gwaun; and the Fishguard Rainbow Cancer Drop in Centre.

We have also made a donation to the Pembrokeshire College student Bursary Scheme and give a Biannual Pam Lewis Award of £300 to a local student wishing to undertake an educational activity to further their knowledge and experience. We also make a regular donation to the Wales Air Ambulance.

     This year, a total of more than £3000 has been raised and donated to different groups.

Regular Seasonal Beach Cleaning ….

Our next seasonal Beach Clean will be on Saturday 3rd March at Pwyllwaelod Beach, near Dinas, North Pembrokeshire. This has been planned to coincide with The Marine Conservation Society BIG BEACH WATCH that weekend. We always collect and record the debris collected from the beach and send a report of our findings. Every piece of plastic – large and small – is recorded as well as bits of plastic fishing nets, rope, food packaging, cotton buds, etc. Pwyllwaelod is a lovely beach which is generally pretty clean, but we still collect between one to three bagfulls each time.

Club members will be there, and any friends or members of the public are very welcome to join us at 11.00am on the day..

And another thing ….

NOTE: Having interviewed  short list of 5 applicants, local Fishguard Sea Cadet, Elin, was awarded the bursary to help finance a training event to

Pam Lewis Award : January 2018 – Bursary available biannually

We fund a biannual Bursary / award for a local young person in full-time education or training to undertake an educational activity to widen their horizons. Any local 16-18 year old can apply. If successful, and following the completion of the activity, the young person will be asked to give a short informal talk about what they did, and what they got out of it. The closing date for applications is 4th February 2018.

The last young person used the bursary to help fund a trip to Peru to undertake research into social deprivation issues.

A previous recipient used the grant to part fund a trip to London to visit museums to help inform his scientific knowledge and understanding  before applying to university.


  CHRISTMAS CHEER ….As a club, we enjoy social events, and opportunities to eat, drink, and be merry, so Christmas was an ideal opportunity for us to put this into action!

International Night, when we celebrate being an international organisation, was held this year at Pembrokeshire College, just before Christmas.  We invited our local soroptimist clubs, and family and friends to join us, and were able to fill the college restaurant. A raffle held on the night raised a good amount, half of which was given to the college for a student bursary. The food, made by students, was excellent, and the young people waiting on us were superb.

Our speaker for the evening was Emma Boulton, who gave a fascinating account of her career as a local Shipping Agent. Emma handles all the ships visiting Fishguard Harbour, and in the Summer, this includes the increasing number of cruise ships as well. She’s a talented, busy lady, and we are delighted she has now chosen to join out club.

Christmas Party-time

We always get together just before Christmas and this year we had an excellent dinner at the newly re-opened No.3 in Fishguard. Fun quizzes, a Secret Santa, great company, and good food made for an enjoyable  end to a busy club year.


Lunches for senior retired Soroptimits

Once a month, on the second Thursday of the month, we hold a lunch for our senior retired Soroptimists. Current club members who can, also attend and it’s a great opportunity to eat and chat and hear stories and tales of how our club has changed over time! We choose different venues in our area and sampling different restaurants and bar meals is part of the fun. In the picture we are enjoying the  refurbished conservatory at The Wolf Inn, Wolfscastle.


Seasonal Beach Cleaning

… we enjoy a regular seasonal beach clean at Pwlgwaelod Beach.  We invite family and friends along and are often joined by members of POINT Young Persons’ Trust, local Youth group. We generally do three beach cleans in the year, one of which coincides with the national collection and recording of statistics relating to the type and amount of debris washed up on our beaches each year.

The Fishguard Tapestry – volunteering as guides.

A number of club members have volunteered to be trained to act as guides to our Fishguard Tapestry which is on display in The Town Hall. With more than 30 cruise ships expected next summer, and each one with tour excursions to see the tapestry, this has proved really popular.

This is very topical as the French have just offered to send the Bayeux Tapestry to the UK for display. The Fishguard Tapestry is also 100ft. long and is protected behind glass in a purpose made gallery. The tapestry records the last invasion of mainland Britain by the French in 1797. Three ships dropped anchor three miles from Fishguard and sailors came ashore intent on claiming land for the French. Our local heroine, Jemima, rallied local women who paraded in Welsh costume, which is said to have convinced the French invaders that many soldiers were waiting!  The black hat and red shawls being mistaken for uniforms. The French signed the surrender document in The Royal Oak in Fishguard. The tapestry was designed and stitched by more than by more than 80 local ladies – may of them, Soroptimists!

Our modern-day Jemima attends many town functions to commemorate the event!

Not to be outdone, during a Summer community challenge event, Goodwick primary school pupils produced The Goodwick Tapestry.  They were working on the theme of “Community” and learnt and used felting skills to produce an impressive tapestry which has been on a touring display in Fishguard and Goodwick.


We support ‘Community regeneration’ activities and events. These started as part of a “Communities Together” initiative. This is special because Fishguard & District was one of only 11 towns or communities world-wide to be awarded this project. Initially, we were invited to be involved in a challenge to promote responsible drinking to target groups in our local area. This was part of a community inter-generational challenge.

In the picture we are welcoming Steven Crabb, our local MP, to sign up for a national ‘Dry January’ challenge.

During ‘Dry January’ we worked collaboratively with “Communities Together” and Ysgol Bro Gwaun, our local school, to plan and deliver a Sixth Form Conference – “It’s the Alcohol Talking”.

We invited members of the community to join us as delegates.

We involved everyone in break-out groups to identify viable practical community projects for the students to develop and complete as part of their Welsh Baccalaureate Community Project module. This is on-going and we are making regular visits to support the students as they develop their initiatives. The Sixth formers still include “Community” as one of their Welsh Bac. projects.

In the picture above, Club Programme Action Officer Carole, tells the delegates about Soroptimism and the reasons why we have been delighted to engage in such a good inter-generational community challenge. The group picture below features some of the delegates from the community.