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Programme Action – in action!

Some examples ….


Summer extravaganzas – fun in the sun.

Although our official club programme is ‘on hold’ for the school holidays, every year we support other local community groups and organisations’ events and activities. We attend their Summer events, take and pay for a ‘Soroptimist’s Stall’ which helps their funding, and sell bric-a-brac, run games and sell raffle tickets to raise funds specifically for local charities. We have done this every year for as long as anyone can remember! All club members get involved either collecting unwanted ‘treasures’ or wo-manning the stall. We run a rota for each event, so everyone can help at some time during the summer. It’s always great fun and is a wonderful way of keeping a high profile in our community


We support The Lion’s Fun Day, The Fishguard Round Table Carnival, The annual Fishguard Agricultural Show, every year. When a Party in the Park in aid of Wales Air Ambulance was organised in Lota Park, we provided and served refreshments.  More than £3000 was raised by this successful event.

As part of our Summer initiative to support local organisations and groups, we are also involved as volunteers for:

  • The international Fishguard Music Festival – helping with the Box Office and acting as stewards at performances;
  • The Fishguard Last Invasion Tapestry – a number of us have trained as guides for visitors especially in the summer months when there are large numbers of holiday makers wanting to see it on display in the Town Hall.
  • Cruise ships – we have an increasing number of cruise ships visiting each year and we work with the Town Council to welcome visitors as they come ashore. They always have a tour of the tapestry.

Summer Game on Thrones … Extra fun at the Carnival …

The Rainbow Centre – a new drop-in centre in Fishguard

This new facility was set up by cancer sufferers to provide support for people suffering from cancer and for their families. The centre has been given the use of a fine building rent free but will have to pay business rates themselves. There are already a whole raft of services and support activities available for anyone who needs them at the centre. We decided as a club to run a Coffee Morning in our town centre church, to raise funds to help them. Members walked noisily through town and the town market on the day to lure everyone in. It poured with rain. Typical!


We are fortunate to have Game of Thrones star Jerome Flynn living in our area, and he happily came along to present our cheque for £500 at the grand opening of the centre.





Fish & Chips Supper for ‘Mercy Ships’

Mercy Ships is an international charity which aims to provide medical help for people in countries where it is often impossible to get this. They have one ship which resembles a floating hospital, with five fully equipped theatres, and a number of doctors and surgeons on board.

They frequently do cataract operations, but are able to deal with a whole range of medical emergencies. They sail round the world in order to visit many different countries where they are needed.

We held a fish & Chip supper in our local ‘ posh chippie’ and filled it with members, friends and soroptimists from other local clubs.



Maintaining partnership working with local schools.

  • Annual programme of mock interviews with sixth form pupils in preparation for future applications;
  • Working with our seven local primary schools on challenges and projects;
  • Supporting / organising events and activities;

                                                         EDUCATE     EMPOWER    ENABLE    in action!

Kodaly Music Challenge – 

We were approached by the Kodaly Music Society – they were having problems gaining access to schools in Pembrokeshire. They wanted to recruit talented students to take part in a Summer School to be supported by international musicians. They hoped to run masterclasses in schools to attract potential candidates. Using our close relationship with local schools, we organised a three-day Musical Roadshow. This involved facilitating practical workshops to be taken by Davinder Singh, Violin, and Guillaume Mathias, Piano. Initially intended to be offered to Ysgol Bro Gwaun secondary school and its seven primary feeder schools, This was extended to a further two primary schools out of area who were keen to be involved. The workshops were attended by staff and parents in each school. In the primary schools, each workshop involved all the children. Everyone involved had a wonderful time.


International Women’s Day – focus on local women making a difference

We often make use of a large glass display cabinet in the Town Hall entrance area. This is part of the Library –  we have a good working relationship with them.  We have done several different displays over time including raising awareness about Modern Day Slavery, the White Ribbon Campaign, and the history of our club and soroptimism.

We decided to do a feature display about local women who have made a difference. All living, some very much younger than others! Holy Name primary school in Fishguard were keen to work on this challenge. 

The Year 6 pupils maintain an up-to-date school blog and wanted to interview some modern extraordinary ladies! With their help during several lunchtime workshops with them, we produced an interesting display. Our club members also worked on this, suggesting who to include, (9 ladies in total) and interviewing them for background information. We manned the display on Market Days for three weeks during March.

A lot of locals stopped to look and chat, recognising some of the older characters and sharing their memories with us.



Community regeneration initiatives

A packed Town Hall with local families eager to buy gifts and visit Santa’s grotto

North Pembrokeshire is recognised as an area with some economic issues due to it’s geographic location, ageing population, and limited job opportunities.  Community regeneration is a significant issue, and we have been involved on working parties set up to address this. “Communities Together” was a three year programme which we were heavily involved in. The aim was to create inter-generational challenges and initiatives to bring people together, highlight issues and encourage high profile community activities. During the programme we were active on the managing committee. Highly successful community events had a positive impact. We are still involved, especially in supporting the development of a Skate Park and community exercise area in Lota Park in Fishguard. A Christmas festival including Santa’s Grotto, supported by many local organisations, and visited by more than 1000 local parents and children, is still a popular, regular, annual event.