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President Jacalyn’s Message

Jacalyn Wood – President to SI Folkestone 2018-19

Thank you to all the members of Soroptimist International of Folkestone for putting their trust in me to lead our club during the forthcoming year, and I hope that between us we can continue to move the club forward and make some real differences to the lives of women and girls. 

I re-joined Soroptimist International in October 2015, having taken a break due to my career leading me to feel that I couldn’t give the commitment I wanted.  During this time, the values and aims of Soroptimist stayed with me, and the new types of membership now allow for this and it is something I really want to make work in our club.  I am a firm believer that there is a membership for all stages of your life now.  Even as a teenager I was a “secret” avid reader of my Mother’s Soroptimist News during my teenage years, and after going to a “bring your daughter” event I was hooked and joined.

Jan, our outgoing President and Rosemary (IPP) have over the past two years put a huge amount of effort in moving SI Folkestone forward, something as a team we have worked on together.  This is something that I want to continue to build on, whilst bringing some new and fresh ideas to the table along with my Planning team.   I would like to thank both Jan and Rosemary for all of their efforts, and on a personal level for mentoring me.  

My goals for the club during my year are:

  • to continue the re-generation of the club
  • to support woman and girls in the local area with our Programme Action work.
  • to continue to raise our profile within the local area with our events and no longer be the best kept secret in Folkestone

My charities for the Year will be Porchlight, and the Meru Woman’s Garden Project

Finally I would like to have my own three “E’s for my year in all that we participate in:

Engage, Enthusiasm and Enjoyment

Jacalyn Wood 

May 2018