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Club Programme 2018 to 2019

President’s Charities for the Year


April 2018                9th       AGM

23rd     Presidents welcome to her home

Speaker from Inkwell


May 2018                 14th     Business Meeting

21st     Membership meeting at Allerton Bywater.  Open Meeting


June 2018                11th     Business Meeting

25th     Outing to Italian Restaurant in Garforth


July 2018                  9th       Business Meeting

23rd     Visit to St. Gemma’s Hospice


August 2018                        Summer Break


September 2018    10th     Business Meeting

24th     Open meeting & Quiz

October 2018         8th       Business Meeting

15th     Visit Jazz Choir at Inkwell


November 2018     12th     Business Meeting

26th     Christmas Crafts


December 2018     10th     Business Meeting

17th     Christmas Fuddle


January 2019          14th     Business Meeting

28th     When we were young.  Social evening with nibbles


February 2019        11th     Business Meeting

25th     Open meeting with a speaker from Dog’s Trust


March 2019             11th     Business Meeting

23rd     Coach outing to Liverpool


April 2019                9th       AGM