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Club Programme 2021-22

Presidents Charities for the Year


April 2019                8th      AGM

29th   Meal at Flyline Garforth

29th     Regional Officer’s meeting 6.30pm



May 2019                 13th   Business Meeting discussion                                          19th    Yorkshire President’s lunch

June 2019                10th   Business meeting Talk re Angela                                    22nd    RCM Askham Grange Prison

24th    Pamper Yourself/ beauty eve

28th    Friendship Dinner Marriot York

29th    Yorkshire Conf Elvington Air

July 2019                 1st     Regional Officers meeting 6.30pm

8th       Business Meeting NET

20th   Wendy House Party Janette

( no meeting on 22nd July)

August 2019            Summer Break


September 2019    9th      Business Meeting Garforth Comp

23rd   BBQ Krystyna

28th    RCM Richmond

October 2019         5th     Regional Officer’s meeting 9.30am

6th       Garforth Elmet Lunch

14th    Business meeting

24/26th  SIGBI Conf Bournemouth

28th     Learn to sing


November 2019     11th    Business Meeting Dementia

23rd     RCM & Yorkshire lunch

25th   Craft evening


December 2019                No Business meeting

16th   Christmas Fuddle Maureen


January 2020          13th     Business Meeting

27th   Pasta making


February 2020        10th   Business Meeting

24th   Quiz/Beetle Drive


March 2020             9th      Business Meeting March 2020

14th     RCM Barnsley

23rd   Trace your past



April 2020               19th     Coach Trip Newcastle ?

27th   AGM