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What did Grange Soroptimists do on World Environment Day June 5th 2019?

Grange Soroptimists talked to the public and handed out about 300 leaflets in Grange , Barrow and Ulverston, raising awareness of World Environment Day

Unfortunately the rain lashed down in Grange so there were fewer folk about on the day but a visual display was available in the library for a week. It was an a/empt to raise awareness of the dilemma we all face regarding our environment, and the need for each of us to think seriously of what steps we can take to conserve the world’s resources for our children and grandchildren. The message was generally well received, some people being surprised at the simple changes in lifestyle which would make a difference.

We highlighted 10 easy ways we can reduce our carbon footprint. Ten things we can do:

1) Switch off lights

2) Boil only the water you need

3) Walk, cycle or use public transport

4) Save paper

5) Reduce use of water

6) Avoid using plastic as much as possible

7) Use a clothes line not a tumble dryer

8) Consider meat free days

9) Produce your own compost

10) Always recycle glass



Mollie in Grange
Carbon footprint

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