Modern Day Slavery and Trafficking Survey October 2017









The Grange Soroptimists in conjunction with the UKPAC ( United Kingdom Programme Action Committee) and the Modern Slavery Training Group  conducted  a survey  1-7th October  2017 as part of a UK event to assess the public’s knowledge of Modern Slavery and Trafficking. This will help the UK Modern Slavery Training Group target future Publuc awareness campaigns to fight this crime. Soroptimists were out on the street in Grange and in Bsarrow Market hall  during that week.  We are really grateful to all who completed the surveys on paper or online.

The  Nationwide survey showed that although most  people have some awareness of the crime very few think it happens in their locality. Only a small number knew about the Modern Slavery helpline whivch is the best way of reporting suspicions unless it is an emergency situation when 999 appropriate

For further information about this heinous crime  and how to recognise and  report it  see the details below.

The Modern Slavery Helpline is 08000121700 where you can talk to an operator trained in slavery and trafficking issues.





In Barrow Market Hall doing the survey Monday October 2nd