Write for Rights with Amnesty

For Human Rights Day  Dec 10th 2017 members wrote in support of women in Egypt, China,Jamaica  and  Turkey.

It was Human Rights Day on Dec 10th 2015  so SI Grange took part in the Amnesty Write for Rights Campaign. We were campaigning for the release of Teodora in El Salvador, imprisoned for having a stillbirth. She has so far served 7 years in prison ( In El Salvador abortion is illegal and often stillbirths are considered likely to be due to abortion and without legal help women are imprisoned for losing their baby) . The club used their Christmas party night to take a few minutes during the festivities to take part in the action.

An appeal  letter was sent to the Minster of Justice in San Salvador asking for her release and changes to the law re stillbirth and abortion.

“Teodora we are with you ” #Teodora