SIG Achievements April 2013 – March 2014

Soroptimist International Guernsey

Annual Report April 2014

President Sarah Lees              April 2014


Looking back over the past 12 months it is impressive to see what the club has achieved through our programme action projects and charity events. I particularly enjoyed the quiz, Christmas fair, the International Committee’s afternoon tea, helping to put together the Christmas and Mother’s Day baskets at Janie’s, and the sewing evening at Shirley’s. I also had great fun with the local committee at the bowling evening with the people from Giving Opportunities (GO!), which was the President’s chosen charity. Whilst bowling appeared not to be my forte, I did fair better there than at the singing for the terrified, where it turned out that just the thought of singing in front of others had me lying in a darkened room with a migraine. Fortunately, without my dulcet tones, the evening turned out to be a great success!

The friendship and support of the club is very important to all our members and guests. This year we have enjoyed shopping evenings, fish and chips on the beach, coffee mornings and soup kitchens, often these occasions have also been fundraisers. My thanks go to the social committee and to everyone who has organised events. Please see the convenor’s report inside for full details of all we have achieved as a club this year.

It has been a real honour to represent the club this year as your president. Highlights for me include the Lieutenant Governor’s Garden Party for the Queen’s birthday in June, laying a wreath for Remembrance Sunday in November, being part of the Regional International Women’s Day walk into Taunton, and being a guest at the Rotary’s Charter Dinner. On each of these occasions, I have been proud to be able to talk about the work of our club.

I also really enjoyed the friendship weekend in June. What a pleasure it was to meet old friends and new and to welcome Soroptimists from Jersey, Dungarvan, Bergen, Bristol and Stockport as well as the then regional president, Caroline Chugg. I think everyone ate well that weekend!

It is always a pleasure to welcome speakers to our supper meetings once a month. This year we have heard about a wide range of topics and are thankful to the following people for giving up their time to come and talk to us.

             · Melissa Guille Prison   Fellowship Guernsey

  • Shona Darling BIG Project
  • Linda Howell as Lady Margaret
  • Sarah Bamford Presidents Charity GO!


  • Joy Ozobia The Biafran War, through a child’s eyes
  • Diane Scholey Healthy Minds
  • Trevor Wakefield Guernsey Adult Literacy Project
  • Linsey Jenkins Guernsey Against Sex Trafficking


Thank you to all our members; it is our members that make Soroptimist International the vibrant, lively group that we are. Each member contributes to our club in whichever way she can, working with the values of the organisation to enhance the lives of women everywhere.

Well done and thank you to our convenors who have worked hard with their committees to raise awareness and funds for our programme action work. We are grateful to the commitment and support of Shona, Jenny, Kate and Sue. Special thanks to our outgoing convenors, Cherry and Zoe for all the work they have done during their time on the executive committee. I’d also like to welcome our incoming convenors, Joy and Diane, and wish them the best of luck for the coming year.

My thanks also go to Shona, honorary secretary and programme action officer; Shirley, treasurer and membership officer; Pam, minutes secretary; and Alison, supper secretary and incoming minutes secretary for all the hard work they put in throughout the year, especially for the support they have given me, always quietly and behind the scenes – but I really couldn’t have managed without their support this year!

All that remains is for me to wish Jenny all the best for her year as president and I hope that as a club we continue to move forward with our programme action projects, foster our friendships and continue to work together to meet the values and goals of Soroptimist International.

Social and Fundraising Committee

Convenors: Cherry and Shona

We like to think we had a successful year in achieving   our aims of being proactive in both Programme Action fund raising and in   encouraging friendship among club members. We organised a successful Creasey’s shopping   evening in July 2013 with funds raised going to two local charities, Guernsey   Alzheimer’s and Guernsey Bowel Cancer Awareness.  The evening was rounded off with a buffet supper   at Moores Hideaway which was attended by Soroptimists and friends.  We organised the President’s Quiz in   November and also the Charities Fair in November, again both enjoyable fund   raising events.  SoroptImists from all   the committees were involved in helping to make both these events a success   but special thanks to Cherry for being quizmaster supremo and for all the   work she did in arrangements for the Charities Fair. Thanks to Janie Corbett   for organising the Christmas and Mother’s Day gifts for the Women’s Refuge   and Maison St Pierre.


We have encouraged friendship among club members by   organising various social events – with particular thanks to Molly who   organised breakfast catch ups throughout the year at Vista’s at Vazon   Bay.  We had two very successful soup   kitchen events in October 13 and March 14 which were well attended with   members of the social committee providing a range of delicious food.  In addition to soups we had bean jar,   puddings and sweets, all provided by Pam, Sue, Frances, Joy, Angela, Alison,   Molly and Shona. Thanks to June who ran the raffle and to those who   donated prizes, to Alison for door duty and a very special thank you to   Cherry for providing the perfect venue with sea views and sunshine! Everyone   seemed to enjoy the get together and the fact that, through members’   generosity, we made some money for the general fund was a welcome bonus.


Finally, an extra special mention of thanks to Alison to whom we are   very grateful for the marvellous job she does in organising the club suppers   throughout the year as well as the special supper after the Creasey’s   shopping event in July.


Joint Convenor, Shona Isbister.



International Committee

Convenor: Sue Hollwey


International Women’s Day is celebrated worldwide.   It is an annual event held on the 8th March each year and is an opportunity   to celebrate the achievements of women and also to focus on areas which still   need improvement. This year the theme was ‘inspiring change’.As in past years, we held a breakfast to celebrate IWD. Our theme was   rallying to domestic abuse.  55 people, including students and guides,   attended. The main speakers were Carol Ozanne and Sarah Oakley from ADAPT,   who work with women who have suffered abuse and also run courses for male   perpetuators.  We also heard from Dr Maggie Costen about SAFER and Fiona   Richmond about what the government is going to help.  All in all, it was   very good to hear about a joined up programme to deal with this problem.

It was an opportunity to show the ‘local loves me loves me not’ bookmarks,   posters and credit cards which were produced by Soroptimists and are   distributed to students and others – they have been updated to include   SAFER’s new name and phone number. This was an opportunity to raise   awareness.  And, judging by the animated conversations- a great chance   to exchange ideas and meet new



The international committee also held a very   successful afternoon tea and a singing for the terrified to raise money for   Tumaini Fund.


Convenor, Sue Hollwey.      


Local Committee Convenors: Kate and Jenny

The Committee met at each Business Meeting to   discuss the matters relating to our main project for the year – Sarah’s   charity GO!, one of the events with which we would be involved. Initially, it   was suggested that there should be the opportunity for those working at the   charity to be at Supermarkets to assist at the checkouts with bag filling,   but this was not followed up. However, an evening at the Bowl was arranged   and proved very successful in allowing a number of Club members and those   with communication problems to enjoy an evening of bowling and a good supper   afterwards. It was pleasing to see how relaxed the young people became after   a slow start.


The Annual Beach Clean took place last September,   but there proved to be little litter on the beach at Les Ammareurs on this   occasion. In spite of that, a report of the items collected was sent to the   Marine Conservation Society and we have had a letter of thanks for our   participation in this nationwide event.


It was lovely to have members of the Dungarvan and   Stockport Clubs at our Friendship weekend so that the dresses made by them   and our members could be handed over to the representative of Project Rhino   for despatching to Kenya.  SI Stockport   also provided shorts and sewing kits for two ladies known to need them there.   Further sewing took place at Shirley’s house for the bags for ladies at   Winchester Hospital going through treatment for breast cancer to carry the   ‘bottles’ in a more attractive manner than just holding them, in public as it   were. They were very well received and more will be needed!


The garden at the Bereavement Centre continues to   be looked after a couple of times a year in order to maintain a pleasant and   tidy environment for those seeking assistance and those working at the   Centre. We carried out service at the Quiz, in conjunction with all Club   members who support the event for the President’s Charity. Finally, a Coffee   Morning was held to raise a further sum for GO!


Joint Convenor, Jenny Tasker.




Charity Donations   1/4/13 – 31/3/14
Bowel Cancer Awareness Charity £500
Gsy Alzheimer’s Association £500
Swimmarathon £420
Maison St Pierre £200
Women’s Refuge £100
Philippines Disaster Fund £550
International President Appeal Xmas £240
GO (Giving Opportunities) £1883
Guernsey Bereavement Service £150
Deaf and Hard of Hearing £100
Pink Ladies £100
Lihou Charitable Trust £100
SIGBI Benevolent Fund £100
Safer £100
Grow Ltd £100
GALP £100
St Stephen’s Church £100
St John’s Ambulance £100
Printing of bookmarks £260









Events to raise money

Raffle – Friendship weekend


Creasey’s Ticket sales/Raffle (July)


Annual Quiz


Charities Fayre


Christmas Raffle


Raffles through year (not Xmas)


General donations (including  cards)


Donations to presidents charity


Swim marathon


Raffle for Philippines


Tumaini Fund (afternoon tea)


Tumaini Fund (singing for terrified)


Tumaini Fund (Women’s  Day Breakfast)


Coffee Morning at Jenny’s for GO!









Soroptimist International Guernsey

Soroptimist Vision

Soroptimist   International is committed to a world where women and girls together achieve   their individual and collective potential, realise aspirations and have an   equal voice in creating strong, peaceful communities worldwide.


Soroptimist Mission

Soroptimists inspire   action and create opportunities to transform the lives of women   and girls through a global network of members and international   partnerships.


Soroptimist Values

  • Human Rights for all
  • Global peace and international goodwill
  • Advancing women’s potential
  • Integrity and democratic decision making
  • Volunteering, diversity and friendship


Soroptimist Goals

1. Soroptimist International will   improve the lives and status of women and girls through education,   empowerment or enabling opportunities.

2. Soroptimist International will   be a global voice for increasing access to education and leadership for women   and girls.


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