SIG Achievments April 2015- March 2016

Soroptimist International Guernsey Annual Report April 2016

President Diane Scholey      April 2016

 It has been my great pleasure to be President in such an eventful year. We have achieved a lot, thanks to the hard work of the club. We held several key events which were all very successful;

  • Power of Voice, an initiative to encourage and support women who wish to stand for election
  • IWD dinner, with guest speaker Baroness D’Souza
  • Feel Good Card competition, to highlight issues faced by young people about their body image

We have also been very sociable this year with many events, largely something to do with food! We’ve had several afternoon teas and social events ranging from our Friendship Weekend and the overnight stay in L’hiou to Saturday morning walks and breakfasts.

We have raised our profile significantly through these events. There was an article in the Soroptimist magazine for our IWD breakfast in April 2015. Several brave (!) members have been on the radio for the Power of Voice, IWD dinner April 2016 and Feel Good Card com- petition. There have also been several articles in the Guernsey Press , including our AGM and Power of Voice.

It has also been an honour to represent club as President. Highlights for me include the Lieutenant Governor’s Garden Party for the Queen’s birthday in June, Lynda Walker’s Farewell Reception , and being a guest at the Rotary’s Charter Dinner. Thanks to Karen and Shirley who represented the club at the Grammar School and College of FE when I was unable to attend.

Our Friendship weekend in June was very enjoyable, the weather could not have been better, and the line dancing was something a bit different. It was great to meet other Soroptimists  as well as the then regional president, Kay Turner.

Through the year there have been a variety of supper meetings, with a range of interesting speakers, a couple of tours and a bar meal;

  • Dave Le Feuvre Youth Commission
  • Saumarez Park Garden’s tour and supper in cafe
  • Bob Thompson guided town walk and supper at La Perla
  • Jackie Mosedale Region
  • Sue Hollwey Women’s health
  • Bar meal at Roquettes
  • Wendy Relate
  • Annette Henry tour guiding

Karen and I attended the Regional meeting in November 15. We stayed overnight and had lovely time. It was great to get to know Karen better and I think she will make an excellent President. I thoroughly enjoyed the conference in Glasgow, and was proud to carry the Guernsey flag. I recommend that members attend if they can.

I’m always nervous about “thank yous” because I fear of forgetting someone, and everyone helps in their own way. However, I feel a few special mentions would be appropriate — Cathy and Michelle for the Power of Voice, Sue, Sarah and Angela for the Feel Good Card competition, Sue R for the IWD dinner, and Shirley who mucks in on everything. My thanks also go to Shona, honorary secretary, Sarah programme action officer; Shirley, treasurer and membership officer; Alison, minutes secretary; and Alison and Delia, supper secretaries who supported behind the scenes. I’m sorry that there isn’t space to thank everyone individually, as so much has happened, but thanks to you all.

And finally, I would like to wish Karen all the best for her year.

Programme Action Committee

The committee worked closely with the Presidents charity—the Youth Commission, and ran a “Feel good” competition. Many entries were received, the winning entry being made into a credit card sized card reading “A Fruit Loop in a bowl of Cheerios”. One of the aims of this project was to encourage young people to speak about how they feel and to discuss issues such as anorexia and depression. The winners were presented with prizes at our IWD dinner. All the entries were displayed at the Pop Up shop in Smith Street for the week following the IWD dinner.

Our International Women’s Day dinner was held at St Pierre Park hotel. It was a hugely successful event and enjoyed by many. The guest speaker was the Lord Speaker, Baroness D’Souza.   The Bailiff of Guernsey, Sir Richard Collas, gave the vote of thanks and Klelia Sourmeli, President of our Friendship Club in Nicosia, attended. The proceeds totalled £1,750 and have been shared between a local charity helping victims of domestic abuse and Educate to Lead: Nepal. The Lord Speaker also spoke to students the following day as part of the Peers in Schools Programme.

Membership and Raising Our Profile Committee

The Committee has had a busy year covering both these key areas which are vital to ensure that we get new members and boost attendance at Soroptimist events.

The Raising the Profile element has set up a Facebook page which to date has 162 followers. The Committee works closely with the rest of the club to promote events on Facebook as well as uploading photos once the events have been held.  We have also used the page as a forum to share articles that may be of interest to members and followers, such as information on Power of the Voice and a blog post written by a student who attended the IWD Dinner. Administrators of the Facebook page are able to see how many people a post has reached and members are encouraged to like and share posts in order to boost this.  We also liaise with Julia as website administrator and help arrange coverage in the Guernsey Press and on local radio as appropriate. We also have a Twitter account which has many followers.  An SI Guernsey leaflet was prepared to give out at all events as well as being sent to Relocate Guernsey to forward to any new women moving to the island. The committee looked into getting T-shirts and decided that Polo shirts would be preferable. We decided on blue with white writing and set a design for the logo.  Pam West kindly organised the purchase as she knew the supplier. Several members have pur- chased them and they have been very useful at events such as The Power of the Voice and the Charities Fayre.

The Membership committee is pleased to note that four new members were recruited during the year and is already working hard to plan a new members evening as part of SIGBI’s Membership Month in May.

Social Committee

 Friendship is an important part of being a Soroptimist, and we have certainly got together regularly.

Sue R kindly arranged an afternoon tea at Le Friquet Garden Centre, and there have been regular breakfasts and lunches. Unfortu- nately, one such breakfast meeting when working members could attend found that the kitchen was understaffed and no food was forthcoming. Recently Members have got together for Saturday morning walks.

Julia arranged to meet with coffee Soroptimist friends from France for a coffee and cake.

On Wednesday 24 June we arranged a social supper evening at the local Victorian Gar- den. Members were able to have a tour and talk by one the gardeners and to be able to see all the wonderful work to restore these important areas back to their former glory. We had 18 members attend.

On Saturday 26 September we arranged an overnight stay on the small island off Guern- sey called Lihou. This is an annual event for us which is enjoyed by so many. This year our numbers were few, but we still had a great time enjoying the outdoor space. We had a total of 9 people stay, one of which was a non-member.

We had fish and Chips at Cobo on Wed 12 August – Alison organised this event where 5 members had a nice meal and chat which was very pleasant.

Lobbying Committee

 The Power of the Voice initiative started in September last year, with the aim to encourage more women to enter politics. This was a true collaborative effort with SIG joining forces with the Women’s Development Forum and the College of Further Education, to put on two very successful seminars exploring why women do not enter politics. Baroness Roberta Blackman Woods gave an address at our first seminar and a total of 130 people attended these events.

From this, several work streams were set up under the Soroptimist banner, including dates to give them the tools they would need to stand for deputy, (Women2win). A F page and Twitter account were set up to engage with a wider audience and excellent erage was given. We received a £500 donation from Cazenove and together with fun from the soup kitchen, this enabled us to help the college with advertising costs. We funds available for future events.

Three drop in clinics were held where women thinking about standing could come an support from our members and existing deputies. A mock hustings was also held wh tial candidates took part, giving them a feel for what the real hustings would be like.

Cathy believes it is due to this campaign that a record total of 19 women are standin election. 15 of them are connected to POV. They have all said how much they have b from our support with many stating they would not have had the confidence to stan our engagement.

We hope that our efforts will be paid off this evening and that history will be made in

Fundraising Committee

We are pleased to confirm that we have had a very successful year of Fundraising.

On Sunday 26 July there was an afternoon tea at June’s. Cherry reported what a lovely afternoon it was despite the awful weather and June had managed to get 17 people into her front room and £210 was raised for the General Charities account which was a very good sum.

On Saturday 19 September there was a very successful afternoon tea event at La Grande Mare Hotel which was organised by Ali- son, Shona, Pam West and Diane. This event was raising money for the General Charities Account – £496 had been raised (£251 from the raffle and £245 from the ticket sales).

Cherry kindly organised the Soroptimist Annual Quiz event on Friday 9 October at the Grammar School. Pam West kindly prepared all the food from home, Molly organised the cakes, Karen Jagger ran the bar with her husband and Julia organised the raffle. The Quiz had raised approximately £2,000 – the bar was profitable and £600 was taken (minus the costs of £300) so the bar made approximately £300, the raffle made £600 and £1,300 was raised from ticket sales so taking off the expenses for food and the hire of the hall the club were going to make over £2,000. The monies were raised for the Youth Commission to fund new volunteers.

Cherry held a ‘soup kitchen’ event at her apartment on Saturday 24 October for members, their family and friends (although this was not open to the general public) and the money raised (£342) went towards ‘The Power of the Voice’ event to show sup- port from the fundraising committee – 24 attended including some who were non-Soroptimists.

The Charities Fayre event was held on Sunday 22 November at Beau Sejour. Members kindly provided gifts to sell for Christmas and many members helped on the day which was an enjoyable event and a real team effort – the Charity Fair raised the sum of £869.

At the business meeting on Wednesday 14 October Cherry organised a ‘Non Event’ where club members donated money to pro- vide sanitary products for the Refugee Women in Calais as a ‘non-event’ (so in effect members would pay money not to do something). All the money was given to Sarah Griffiths so she could buy the sanitary towels (and possibly nappies for babies) in France to save carrying them over as they are very bulky (Cherry confirmed Sarah Griffiths was going to Calais on w/c 9 November). £300 was raised.

Julia kindly organised the club’s excellent Christmas Dinner on Wednesday 9 December at Les Rocquettes Hotel – there was a quiz and a raffle to raise funds for the International President’s December appeal. Alan West kindly provided the Christmas music and everyone enjoyed a jolly good ‘sing along’ of Christmas carols.

International Women’s Day Event on Thursday 3 March the committee had organised the raffle to raise funds for the local charity ‘Safer’ and the international charity ‘Educate to Lead: Nepal’.

Cherry organised a Creasey’s Shopping Event on Thursday 31 March to raise funds for President Diane’s charity the Guernsey Youth Commission as the last event of the year.

Several members took part in the Swimmarathon and raised £250.

Early in the year Angela held a plant sale and raised money for the Kibera farm project.

Charity Donations 1/4/15 – 31/3/16
Bailiffs Relief Fund (Nepal) £307
Swimmarathon £250
International President appeal Xmas £175
Youth Commission £2,000
Calais refuges £300
Kibera farm project ( some mon- ey from last year ) £958
Atlantic Rowers £250
Safer £825
Educate Nepal £825
Philippi Counselling £400
Relate £400
GSPCA (thank you for display boards) £50
Loves Me Loves Me cards TBC
Project Support Sierra Leone £400


TOTAL £7,140



Events to raise money
Liberation Day Tea (Farm) £688
Donations for Bailiffs fund £307
Christmas Raffle £175
Charities Fayre £869
Raffles through year (not Xmas) £260
General Donations (2015) £200
Swimmarathon £250
Non event £300
Afternoon tea—Grande Mare £496
After noon tea at June’s house £207
Friendship Weekend £325
Soup Kitchen for P o V £341
Cake sales for P o £141
Annual Quiz £1,750
IWD dinner £1,756
TOTAL £8,065