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Presidents’ Message 2020-21

Presidents Ann McKillop and Pam Dowell

Pam and Ann are delighted to be taking over as Joint Presidents of SI Heswall & District Club.

We would both like to thank our out-going Presidents Sue and Glenys for all their hard work and time taken to ensure our 70th year was a special one. We are pleased that they achieved their targets of 70 toilets, 70 Twiddle Muffs and raised funds for worthy Charities. The 70th year for our club was very special.

Pam and Ann would like to say that we will do our best to ensure the club moves forward in calm, caring and methodical manner, hoping to have fun and friendship along the way.

Our theme for the year is children. Our two charities are

Wirral Fund for Children with Special Needs

Action with Young Carers Wirral

We would also like the club to support the SIGBI charity – Empowering Girls in Nepal and to continue supporting Tomorrow’s Women Wirral, Charles Thompson Mission and Wirral Women and Children’s Aid

We thank all our club members who have constantly given their time and energy to support these worthy causes. For this year Pam and Ann would like the club to continue to work together to support our Programme Action activities and to raise ideas at our monthly Business Meetings. All ideas will be warmly welcomed.

Pam and Ann would also like to introduce Story sacks this year, as part of the club’s activities. We have made links with Pensby Primary School and Stanley Special School. They will be delighted to receive Story sacks from our club. This activity also follows our theme of supporting children in the community. We hope all members will enjoy undertaking this task in the near future.

Due to the Coronavirus our club members are not allowed to meet up at the moment. Pam and Ann look forward to the day when we can all meet up again.  It will be good to have an informal social event, perhaps in Pam’s garden, when we can all meet again before we face our first business meeting. Hopefully something we can all look forward too.

Keep safe, keep well, keep calm, keep sane and be kind to others.

In Friendship

Joint Presidents Pam and Ann