Programme for 2019-2020



May 9th                        Business Meeting

May 23rd                      Dinner/Speaker evening – Toilet Twinning

June 11th                     Executive Meeting

June 13th                     Business Meeting

June 15th.                    Toilet Twinning Launch – Heswall Library

June 27th                     Dinner/Speaker – Wirral Young Carers

July 9th                        Executive Meeting

July 11th                      Business Meeting

July 25th                      Neston Walk/Treasure Hunt

September 10th            Executive Meeting

September 12th            Business Meeting

September 26th             Dinner/Speaker – Modern Day Slavery 2

October 8th                  Executive Meeting

October 10th                Business Meeting

October 19th                Charter Dinner – Bromborough Golf Club

October 24-26th           Bournemouth Conference

November 12th             Executive Meeting

November 14th             Business Meeting

November 28th             Social Evening – Shoebedoo

December 12th             International Dinner

December 15th.            Presidents’ Social Event



January 7th                  Executive Meeting

January 9th                  Business Meeting

January 23rd                Dinner/Speaker – Memory Rooms

February 11th               Executive Meeting

February 13th               Business Meeting

February 27th               Dinner/Speaker

March 10th                   Executive Meeting

March 12th                    Business Meeting

March 26th                    Charity Dinner

April 7th                         Executive Meeting

April 9th                         Club Meeting Business

April 23rd                      AGM Dinner and Change of Insignia