Diary for 2018-2019



Heswall and District Soroptimist

Club Programme 2018 – 2019

Friendship, Fun and Service

April 24th                      Executive Meeting

April 26th                      Club Meeting Business: Job talk/ Bowel Health/ Screening    Maureen Sayer

May 8th                        Executive Meeting

May 10th                      Club Meeting Business: Job Role Iris Batman

May 24th                      Dinner/Speaker evening              SUDEP Action Sandra Sandland

June 14th                     Dinner / Speaker evening:   “Well I Never – Is That How It Works” Professor John Walker

June 27th                     Executive Meeting

June 28th                     Club Social & Business Meeting at JiII Andrew’s home 7pm

July 7th                        UKPAC study day in Belfast

July 25th                      Executive Meeting

July 26th                      Club Meeting Business

August 4th                                 Retired Friends Tea Party

August 9th                    Social Jean Schroeder’s home

September 11th            Executive Meeting

September 13th            Club Meeting Business: Review of Growing our Brand

September 27th             Dinner/Speaker evening.  Modern Day Slavery Awareness Raising   Barbara Dixon

October 9th                  Executive Meeting

October 11th                Club Meeting Business.  Job Role Jan Levenson

October 20th                Charter Dinner

October 25-27th           Liverpool Conference

November 6th               Executive Meeting

November 8th               Club Meeting Business: Conference Reports

November 22th             Dinner/Speaker Provisional Speaker

December 13th             International Dinner

December 2018            Carol Singing

December 2018            Presidents Carol Service and Social Event



January 8th                  Executive Meeting

January 10th                Social at Sandra Morris’ home (Business Meeting)

January 24th                Dinner Speaker Evening Inner Wheel Sandra Morris

February 12th               Executive Meeting

February 14th               Club Meeting Business

February 28th               Social to be arranged

March 12th                   Executive Meeting

March 14th                   Club Meeting Business

March 28th                   Charity Dinner

April 9th                       Executive Meeting

April 11th                      Club Meeting Business

April 25th                      AGM Dinner and Change of Insignia