Programme Action 2019-2020

Orange the World, November 2019

Our nearest business meeting to Orange the World was this week so we donned our orange outfits and considered what we can do to help towards elimination gender based violence. We will also have a display and stand Tomorrow’s Women Wirral on 25th November.


Breast Cancer Awareness Month, October 2019

Breast cancer awareness month is a worldwide annual campaign taking place in October, involving thousands of organisations, to highlight the importance of breast awareness, education and research. SI Heswall marked this by ‘thinking pink’ at their October business meeting.






Modern Day Slavery, October 2019

The subject of MDS and Human Trafficking is high on the Soroptimist agenda and we act mainly by raising awareness and lobbying for action.

Some Soroptimist clubs have put notices about trafficking and slavery on the back of toilet doors, in taxis or produced stickers to go on the back of lorries. Leaflets and notices have been produced to distribute. Some of these are aimed at the general public to educate them to spot the signs of slavery, some at victims to let them know where to access help.

Two years ago Soroptimists from all over the UK carried out a survey to measure the awareness of the general public to the crime, and so helped the UK Modern Slavery Training Group to refine and target their training and publicity.


Modern Day Slavery is the illegal trade and exploitation of human beings. It is an umbrella term that encompasses slavery, servitude, forced and compulsory labour and human trafficking.

When men, women and children are forced to work without pay, under threat of violence to them or their loved ones and when it is impossible to walk away – this is Slavery.

It is the fastest growing organised crime in the world. It is estimated that there are nearly 46 million slaves worldwide, with up to 8,000 in the UK. 20-25% of victims in the UK are children. 80% are female. (usually victims of sexual exploitation).

Human Trafficking is defined by the United Nations Protocol as:                                                            

  • The action of trafficking (the recruitment, transportation, transfer, harbouring or receipt of persons);
  • The means of trafficking which includes: the threat or use of force, deception, coercion, or abuse of power; and
  • The purpose of trafficking, which is always

It is a global issue and the consequences for its victims are dire – it has overtaken drug trafficking in terms of scale. Trafficking includes the movement of persons from one place to another within the UK, even across cities, e.g. taking young girls to someone’s home for sexual exploitation.

Types of Modern Day Slavery

Victims of Slavery and Trafficking may be subjected to:

  • Sexual Exploitation
  • Forced Labour
  • Domestic Servitude
  • Forced Street Crime
  • Cannabis Cultivation
  • Grooming or Pimping
  • Other forms of abuse such as organ harvesting

Spotting the Signs and Indicators

  • Speaks little English/has someone speaking for them
  • Just arrived in the UK – without passport and ID
  • Lacking in self-esteem/anxious/paranoid
  • Lacking eye contact/reluctant to engage/afraid of authority
  • Acts as though being controlled
  • In debt, has money deducted from salary ie Not in control of their earnings
  • In need of medical care/signs of physical abuse
  • Seems deprived of food, water, sleep
  • Had threats made against them or his/her family
  • Is there evidence to suggest deception or that coercion is taking place

Could victims be living near you?

  • Is there an unusual amount of activity at a property?
  • Are premises frequently visited by men?
  • Is there rented property which may be run down/seem empty/have curtains closed during the daytime?
  • Do different women appear to live there for short periods of time?
  • Are women never seen outside alone – always accompanied?

Who to contact if you suspect Modern Day Slavery is occurring







Do not try to approach the traffickers yourself for fear of frightening them away.

  • In an Emergency call the Police on 999
  • If not urgent call the Police on 101
  • Report it on the Modern Slavery helpline 0800 0121 700
  • Report Anonymously to Crimestoppers 0800 555 111
  • Victim Support Salvation Army is on 0300 303 8151



7 October 2019



Dresses for Mary’s Meals backpacks, August 2019


Some of the Club members are supporting President Sue’s involvement in Mary’s Meals ( ) by contributing items for inclusion in backpacks. Making dresses to pack is popular and this circle of colour shows  some of them.





Llangollen International Eisteddfod, July 2019

Once again Heswall members went to the Eisteddfod and were part of the Soroptimist team at the SI hospitality tent. This year the Region sponsored a choir from Warsaw in Poland – Alla Polacca. The choir members enjoyed taking part and their stay in Llangollen. Congratulations to them on third place in the folk song competition.

Toilet Twinning Launch, June 2019







In the Club’s 70th year Presidents Sue and Glenys are planning to make Heswall a toilet-twinned town with fundraising events and local initiatives involving local businesses and organisations. This project was launched at Heswall library with the deputy Mayor of Wirral and his wife, Club members and members of the public. President Sue and some of SI Heswall members had promoted this event by walking around the town centre with President Sue’s ‘toilet on a trolly’ to alert the public. It was well received! Sarah from Toilet Twinning ( outlined the work of the charity and wished the Club every success in it its aim of fundraising for 70 toilets in our 70th year.




Pop up charity shop, May 2019







SI Heswall had a busy week running a pop up charity shop in Liscard. Members are shown here setting up for business. Many thanks to all our customers who have helped raise funds for the Alzheimer’s Society  ( and Wirral Young Carers.