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Butterfly Space

Josie Redman was invited to talk about her Charity, Butterfly Space. She called it “My Life in Malawi, How an African Community embraced Permaculture.”

She described how she and a friend settled in Malawi and through teaching and horticulture have developed their Charity into

  • a self-sustaining hostel
  • growing food while maintaining the land
  • several schools which thrive on this sustainability
  • work for the disabled

£300 opens another school.


What’s in a Name ?

In March, 2018, Dr George Redman gave a talk, “Tom, Dick and Harry”, in aid of the Charity. He told us how it is possible to trace the area of Britain where a name originated, even though the spelling may have altered over the years. Sometimes the Christian name, not the surname, gives the clue, from the practice in the past of giving similar baptismal names.

Some names nearly died out where there were female descendants, but have flourished since. His “Question, Answer” session showed a lively interest from his audience.

The event was held at the United Reform Church, Moldgreen.

Our Club has raised £420.00 so far for Butterfly Space.