Visit to Breakthrough Breast Cancer Research Centre

Fifteen Soroptimists have visited the Breakthrough Breast Cancer Reseach Centre at the Institue of Cancer Research in Chelsea,, next to the Royal Marsden Hospital.  An initial presentation included reporting the progress of research over the last decade, the substance of the ten ongoing clinical trials and results coming from  longitudinal research such as the Breakthrough  Generation Studies. A tour of the  laboratories followed, where scientists and researchers explained their particular expertise, whether it be analysing the DNA of particular faulty genes or developing new inhibitors for better targeted treatments, or drug discoveries.  State of the art sequencing machines able to decode a genome in two weeks rather than a decade were demonstrated.. After the tour The Challenge Wall of donors was viewed.  Ilkley is named on the Wall, as research at this world leading Centre is the beneficiary of the annual breast cancer collection by Soroptimists, each October.