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Breast Cancer Now

I am thrilled at the results from our Quiz and raffle on 24th September and our Street Collection on 3rd Oct. All of you, your friends, local businesses, musicians ( we had a jazz band in the Bandstand ..thank’s Pat ) and the people of Ilkley, deserve a big’ Thank you ” for your help and support.

In total we have raised a magnificent £ 1,473 ( £839 Quiz and raffle , £634 from the street collection )

I wanted to do a bit extra this year and we certainly have ! It is so worthwhile to be supporting work on breast cancer research. Many of us know, at first hand, or through family and friends, just how important that is.

We will be sending a cheque to Breast Cancer Now and also present a BIG (pretend ) cheque to Liz Macpherson, local rep for the charity, at our meeting on 22nd Oct .This will give an opportunity for a bit more publicity and awareness raising in this Breast Cancer Awareness month


Collecting on The Grove
Collecting on The Grove