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Soroptimist International - India

Soroptimist International of India is part of a worldwide organisation of women, which is linked to the United Nations.

Welcome to SI India

About NASI

Clubs, Regional presidents, Federation presidents and indeed the Soroptimist International President anticipated the year 2021. To be at the helm of things in the centenary year would have been an honour- -alas the pandemic and subsequent lockdowns washed those wishes away. Nevertheless, Soroptimist work and focus continued in novel ways, work converted into providing relief to where it was needed most and Soroptimists throughout the Soroptimist world turned the imposed passivity
into positive action. As we march into the middle of 2022, Clubs in the NASI Region seem to be heaving a sigh of relief.
Relief that the pandemic and all things associated with it were behind us. Clubs very slowly returned to in-person meetings and projects were being attended by members. See NASI News for more.
It was exciting to consider that today Clubs had options for meetings—in-person, virtual and hybrid. Those that were terrorized by technology have been jolted into being somewhat technically knowledgeable all for the need of the hour. Stats seekers say that “Your muted” was the most often
used word during the pandemic connectivity days! Reports of zoom fatigue were plenty-and truthfully members waited to hug, hold and celebrate.
The crowning moment to finally have a Club in Delhi- through sustained efforts from various members the Delhi Club was chartered at a grand function on 9 th April 2022 with experienced members and joint Presidents to lift the club into the capital.

The NASI Story

NASI – National Association of Soroptimist International clubs of India is the parent body of the SI Clubs in India. The body was established in 1990. All the SI Clubs are with the Federation of Soroptimist International of Great Britain and Ireland(SIGBI)

Today, we have 17 SI Clubs in India. Kolkata (2), Burdwan(2), Mumbai (3) Pune (2), Bangalore (2), Chennai (2), Coimbatore, Kochi, Madurai and Hyderabad. The youngest club is SI Kochi chartered in Sept 2021.

Bombay North was the first club established in India. Over a period of time Calcutta, Burdwan, Jabalpur, North Bombay and South Bombay chapters were formed. SI Bombay North is still going strong, while some of the earlier clubs have since ceased to exist.

The Federation was keen to see a National Region in India. Chitra Ghosh from Calcutta and Antoinette D ‘Costa from South Bombay were instrumental in forming the National Body. The NASI Board was formed only in 1990-91 with Aroti Dutta as the first NASI President. The main officials at that time were the President, Secretary, Treasurer, Pres-Elect and PAC.  The post of Councillor came later in 2003-4.

NASI conducts meetings twice a year, an Executive Committee Meeting and an AGM. The meetings are attended by the NASI Board, Club Representatives, Programme Action Chairpersons of all Clubs. These are occasions to learn from each other, build friendships and revisit our commitment to transform the lives of women and girls.


A century of work done across the global to improve the lives of women and girls, a century of partnerships, friendships and international commitments. The organization has played crucial roles during the war years, during climatic upheavals and times of human tragedies. So, celebrations of the successes were in order.

Despite the pandemic times Soroptimist International celebrated its achievements if only virtually.

Visit the Centenary page

You can also read a detailed history of the growth of Soroptimist in India.

To mark the 100 years a special video has been produced: