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NASI India Committee 2020-2022


Dear Sisters,

In the blink of an eye, 1.5 years have passed since the time I took up the Presidentship of NASI India. And how eventful and illustrious this time has been…!
Our accomplishments have been terrific, even as we have been waging through a pandemic. Starting from programme action, where through the NASI Project ASHA, we have been able to turn around the lives of several women, to the chartering of 4 new clubs (and one more in the pipeline) including the much wished-for SI Delhi club, there has been nothing that has been able to stop us from being in action to achieve our goals. I am thankful to my entire team and Soroptimists from across the country for being so focused and working so tirelessly for attaining the mission of our organisation.
I do hope that the last few months of this tenure will turn out to be as exciting as the rest of the term has been. Till then, I urge you to steadily continue to work in amity for advocacy and gain greater accomplishments.

Achina Kundu

President (2020-2022)

Committee Members 2020-2022

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