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Green Umbrella

The Green Umbrella was taken up as a NASI project with the sole objective of doing our bit for environmental protection. This Project fits under the SIGBI Theme of Environmental Sustainability as well as Food Security. The project is simple and yet effective. All Clubs in India would ensure that they actively plant trees to ensure that there is a green cover . All types of tree plantations are welcome-both foliage,flowering as well as fruit trees. Along with tree plantation, environmental education and awareness is encouraged.

  1. Green Umbrella: SI Calcutta commenced the Green Umbrella Project at the Alipur Women’s Correctional Home in August 2016. The Home has a large undeveloped grassy area within the compound which has been lying unutilised for a period of time. In May 2016, the authorities gave permission to SI Calcutta to undertake a project in the premises with the following parameters:
  2. The open spaces would be beautified with planting of trees such as deodar etc. This would obviously have a beneficial effect on the surroundings as well as the environment.
  3. Vegetable patches would be created where seasonal fruits and vegetables would be grown. The inmates would be trained in basic gardening and would have the responsibility of looking after the patches.

SIPME undertook a tree plantation drive at Tata Mobile crèches and donated fruit bearing trees to the organization.

SI Madurai used the Miyawaki method of tree plantation to enable free plantation with 250 children and planted over 350 saplings.

Kudos to these clubs and we look forward to a Green Umbrella across India due to their efforts!