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New NASI Projects ( 2016-18)

In the NASI EC meeting held in Mumbai  on 27th November 2016, President Lata Krishnan announced two more NASI Projects:

  1. Educate to Empower : This has been taken keeping in mind that the long term solution to end poverty and discrimination for women is Education.It is when women are educated that they are empowered to make change happen. Clubs are encouraged to take up Projects related to Education  .
  2. MORE: This stands for More Members,More Clubs.Under this projects,clubs are encouraged to organize half marathons /runs across India on the same day.This would generate publicity for the SI Cause and Objectives. Press and Media can be informed about the same.Important personalities from different walks of life can be asked to be part of this . This can be also a fund raiser for the Clubs.The money raised can be used to build membership and membership development.