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President’s Message

Dear Sisters,

Seldom do we talk about the accomplishments of women so animatedly, as we do about men. Thousands of women coming together, regardless of boundaries, to educate, empower and enable women and girls – and doing so for 100 years, is, indeed, a triumph that deserves celebrations!

I am filled with pride and delight to be able to steer the ship of NASI India at this jubilant moment, as Soroptimists around the world unite, to reflect upon our bright past and prepare for an even more brilliant future. At this turning point, I have chosen for my tenure as NASI President: Amity and Advocacy for Achieving Actions.

As we continue our quest to usher in an equal world for all, I call upon each of you: to coalesce in the spirit of friendship, continue to advocate for the rights and conditions of our tribe by harnessing amity – between ourselves and with those whom we seek to help, to achieve positive actions, to heal the world, and to make it a better place, for you, for me, and the entire human race!

Yours in service and friendship,

Achina Kundu
NASI -President and Federation Councilor 2020-2022