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Project Work

A meaningful Webinar organised by SIGBI Programme Director helped the club PACs to understand online reporting and Best Practice Award criteria.
The NASI Project ASHA- Monetary support for marginalised women to help them with their small business was launched. Most clubs participated and successfully empowered women to become financially independent by growing their businesses.

Soroptimists in Action was a presentation by all Club PACs in the presence of Kay, Programme Director, and APD Peace Kim Williamson, APD Planet Anitha Rajarajan. It was a proud moment when SI Whitefield bagged the Best Practice Awards at Llandudno in the category of Prosperity.


Despite restrictions on lockdown clubs achieved an impressive amount of work. It has been a rewarding experience on the Board as NASI PAC …… promoted a lot of bonding with all the clubs and also provided an opportunity to interact at regular intervals and stay connected.

Rema Ramchandran

SI Bangalore organized a webinar titled Hindi Cinema and Gender Violence in collaboration with MAVA (Men Against Violence & Abuse). This, was during the Soroptimist calendar event – Sixteen Days of Activism

Earthshot Prize Finalist, Vinisha, is an Honorary SI Bangalore member!

“I have no time for anger. I want to act. I am not just a girl from India. I am a girl from Earth,” said 14-year-old Vinisha Umashankar, one of the top 15 finalists of the Earthshot Award, who had been invited by Prince William to speak at the Cop-26 Glasgow meet on Nov. 2021.

Earlier Vinisha had been invited by the club to present a talk on her invention – an energy-saving solar ironing cart. The invention can reduce burning of 50 million kgs of charcoal everyday, and can even be used to save wood.

Vinisha’s invention has won her several international awards and then the invite to Glasgow.

The Club webinar—


Tree Plantation

In keeping with the Soroptimist Centenary ask #Planttrees, SI Hyderabad planted 250 varieties of fruit and flowering trees at Mathioli Vidya Bhavan.

Webinar on Health Insurance

An issue of prime importance-women’s health insurance-was taken up by SI Hyderabad in a webinar  ” Awareness and Importance of Health Insurance and its benefits”. Experts from the insurance field gave meaningful advice and guidelines.

S I Bombay West have supported for some time now the development of a kitchen garden at a local Girls’ institution. Slowly the girls started managing it on their own. The club visits occasionally but have provided necessary funds and guidance. The produce is welcomed by the institution and gives girls lots of motivation.

In continuation with various activities that SI Bombay Chembur(SIBC) have done with the adopted village project in Warmal, Raigadh, (An Adiwasi village of 35 families) SIBC collaborated with the Rotary Club, Patalganga and organized a Medical Camp and eye check-up camp for all the villagers
on 16th October, 2021. Free medicines and spectacles were distributed to the villagers. SIBC members also discussed and educated the women on hygiene during menstruation and use of sanitary napkins. The project serves SDG #3 and SDG#17. Around 150 people of this Adivasi village were impacted by this project.

At SI Burdwan, a general knowledge quiz contest was held for the students of Unmesh
This winter to help less privileged and homeless people, living on the railway platform and nearby streets, SI Burdwan  distributed  100blankets  and 50 woollen  garments

Nimble Fingers -The project materialized after a hiatus of two years due to Covid lock down. As travel restrictions eased, SIC coordinated with partner ISW to start a vocational training course for the girls who have completed secondary school. It is the basic sewing course of six months conducted by a trained instructor at the Singer Machine Company. The eligibility for the girls is clearance of class 10 exam.

Six girls have enrolled in this programme and will pay a nominal monthly fee. Over the training period, they will learn about the mechanism of a sewing machine, its parts and how it works. They will also learn how to record the measurements of the articles they are to produce.  Finally, the items they will learn to cut and stitch will be useful items- SI Calcutta, believes at the end of the course the students will be filled with a sense of empowerment and be self-sufficient.


SI Coimbatore undertook to introduce workers of a couple of factories in
Tirupur to the central government schemes, which none of them were aware
of. These schemes are offered for low- income groups and especially aimed at benefiting women.
At an apparel factory in the manufacturing town of Tirupur, 700 workers of
which 65% were women were addressed. Another apparel factory has 3500
workers and approximately 70% are women. SI Coimbatore club members
addressed the HR Department to explain their mission of creating an
awareness of being economically independent and to save for their old age
and for the girl child.
The members came away hopeful that they would continue their work of
empowering the women with knowledge of what is available to them.

Vaijayanthi Bhashyakaralu, Immediate Past President of SI Chennai was honoured for her 25 years of humanitarian work by the International Association of Lions Clubs. Her selfless work to the environment oriented work as well as for the betterment of women and girls in local communities.

Earth Day Webinar –A Sustainable Fashion Label

To mark Earth Day April 22nd 2021, the club had Thasneem Masood, the Founder of Rossbelle, Sovable and online store Kimyrah, talk on sustainability and fashion. It was an eye opener to how we make our choices in clothing and fashion.The audience gained a new perspective on consumer behaviour and the fashion industry.



With a return to in-person meetings -SI Chennai Downtown organized a fundraiser. Keeping in view the love of music from the films and the popularity of retro music- a Relive of an extraordinary singer Mohd Rafi was organized. Family members of the late singer also attended the event. For the Club, it was a successful venture. It also became an opportunity to showcase the Soroptimist organization. Members distributed cards to create branding awareness”. Members distributed cards to create branding awareness.

SI Kochi began their Project work even before they were chartered. A meaningful webinar was mounted on Awareness and prevention of cervical cancer, with expert advice by the head of the Gynaecology and Oncology Depart of the local Hospital

SI North Bombay took up a tree-planting campaign under Project Go Green,
and planted 720 saplings in three phases, On 17 th July, 200 jasmine saplings were planted by 4 self-help groups of women in Kolipada, Awale in Maharashtra. The jasmine flower is used for decorative and medicinal purposes hence they fetch a good price.
To celebrate the 47 th Charter Day on 4 th September 2021, 120 moringa saplings were planted at Borichapada. 20 saplings each were given to six self-help groups. The moringa plant was chosen because the moringa tree is often called the Miracle Tree. it is also called a ‘superfood’ because of its known medicinal qualities – it reduces blood sugar levels, purifies the blood and builds strong bones.
The Club has received confirmation from the groups that the trees are doing
very well.

Project on “Health and Hygiene Awareness” among young girls. SI Pune did this in conjunction with Green Tara Foundation. The objective was to inculcate good habits of hygiene in girls including awareness of menstrual hygiene. There was a demonstration and a talk. Later, kits for promoting hygiene in girls was distributed to the participants.

SI Pune Metro East celebrated its return to wellness with an in-person pottery painting session. Organized at an open-air, restaurant it was an evening of reconnecting and enjoying the bonding so badly missed during covid times. Ebul Majumdar a member who is a potter and artist prepared pots with varnish and provided paints to every member to let their imagining run free in painting their individual pots. The club believes the evening did much for the fellowship and uplifting spirits. May happened to be Membership Month and the event lured newcomers to join in.

SI Pune Metro East received 3rd Prize in Project Competition to celebrate the Soroptimist Centenary Year

Blanket Distribution

SI Purba Bardhaman, reached out to communities of Sundarpur village in Birbhum District. The people had suffered water logging and winter was just around the corner. Nearly 100 people benefitted with the donations of blankets and food items. The Club delivered this relief work in collaboration with Jai Matadi group.

Spectacles Distribution

SI Purba Burdhawan organized a distribution of free spectacles to 102 persons of Hiragachi village. Earlier in collaboration with Vison RX LAB the persons had been screened and numbers provided for their spectacles.

At Nari Chetna, the Club came up with the idea of an ongoing project for
mentoring local underprivileged women, twice a month, addressing various
Cleanliness, Hazards spread through Spitting, Me-Time, learning to sign their own name, learning to fill up a Bank Deposit/ Withdrawal form/ FD form, Assistant Beautician’s Training at a Beauty Academy, Innovative games to break the ice before a serious session has been the focal points of this project.

Webinar-Equal Pay Day

SI Whitefield observed the UN International Equal Pay Day, to draw attention to the gender pay gap. A virtual discourse on the ‘Impact of Gender Pay Gap on Women and their Families’. 170 students pursuing education in social work participated along with faculty members. Brinda Adige, Social Activist at Global Concerns India, urged that the focus in the unorganized sector has to be on making workplaces safe, gender sensitive and inclusive. The Webinar was in collaboration with the School of Social Work, St Joseph’s College Bengaluru.

International Breastfeeding Week

SI Whitefield, chose to observe International Breastfeeding Week under their project Healthy Mother Healthy Child. The theme this year was ‘Protect Breastfeeding: A Shared Responsibility.’ An outreach programme was conducted at the maternity ward of Vydehi Institute of Medical Sciences & Research Center. A nutritionist who is a member gave consultative advice to the new mothers. The club also organized 25 kits of nutritious food recommended for lactating women.

Webinar Cyber Safety

SI Madurai roped in Pattathil Dhanya Menon, a cybercrime investigator to speak to the students ,teachers and parents on the current challenge of cybercrime. It was an interactive session and many doubts and fears were cleared. Awareness and advocacy of cyber safety were delivered to the members and the participants.


The webinar, “Why the earth needs us more than ever” got an overwhelming response. 60 students participated on Zoom and more than 2500 Views on YouTube was astounding. The star speaker was Avani Awasthee,the youngest Indian to have travelled to Antarctica twice,as an environmental ambassador for India.