Our event held to celebrate the work of Lighthouse Women’s Aid, held at the University of Suffolk on 10th February, was a real success, thanks to the collaboration of all parties including the Students’ Union who did so much to plan and ensure that all went smoothly on the day. Many thanks to all involved.Our speakers, Emma and Matthew, with Mary Blake centre. Ipswich Soroptimists - Jackie, Pat & Joce Washing Line Art Project

Matthew Bland, Head of Strategic Analysis for Norfolk and Suffolk Constabularies told us about his quantitative study involving 36,000 police records of domestic abuse between 2009 and 2014 recorded by Suffolk Constabulary. It provided very helpful data that now assists with police training on this subject and also to predict those most at risk. However, it also suggested there was a lot that police did not know about Domestic Abuse – the soft data.
Come in Emma Bond, Associate Professor in the Faculty of Arts, Business and Applied Social Science at University of Suffolk who completed a qualitative study on Domestic Abuse: A Study of Survivors Experiences around the same time. It was only by chance that they heard about each other’s work and it is clear the two pieces of research dovetail and provide a greater insight into Domestic Abuse and why some women put up with it for years, what they have to lose if they walk away, how they survive.
Both Emma and Matthew are now working with the Better Policing Collaborative and other organisations to further understanding.
A big thank you to both of them for giving up their time and making excellent presentations.
Together with LWA we raised £240 towards their funds.