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We had a tombola stall at Sproughton Village Fete on 25th June to raise funds for our Regional Project ‘Neat Feet, Happy Hands’ in Kenya to help eradicate the ‘Jiggers’ parasite by providing bowls, medications, sandals to children (so that they do not miss out on schooling) and adults (so they can go to work).Sproughton fete 1

We raised £130, which means that we can help 260 feet! It costs just £1 per person for the treatment.

Children at the fete enjoyed putting their hands into our bowl full of purple water (representing potassium permanganate solution, which is part of the treatment process).


We talked to a lot of people  and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves at the same time.Sproughton fete 3

We were even told that we were the fete’s ‘social conscience’ stall. What could be better than that.