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Members already make syringe driver bags for Ipswich Hospital and we are very grateful for the donation of materials to make them from people who support us.

Tracy Hitching, the Palliative and End of Life Coordinator, asked whether we could possibly also make purple bags in a similar design; not for patients this time but for the Butterfly Volunteers. How could we say no!

These volunteers provide company and companionship to hospital patients in the last days of their lives. They also reassure and support patient’s loved ones (if they have any). They also work closely with the Palliative Care and Chaplaincy teams.

The purple bags will hold notebooks, pens, tissues and whatever else the volunteer thinks would be useful. By wearing the bags the volunteers will stand out easily for both patients, visitors and staff to recognise easily.

We have made 15, with varying linings for both men and women volunteers, and have taken them to the hospital. We hope they will enjoy and take pride in wearing them.

But, to cap it all, Alfie is also a volunteer – he is a dog! So we made a purple neckerchief for him to wear when he is on duty!