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Both Ipswich Soroptimists and Ipswich Inner Wheel normally meet for their separate meetings at the Ipswich & Suffolk Club in the evening of the 2nd Wednesday of each month.  In February 2020 we decided to hold a joint meeting, including supper and both organisations had booked interesting speakers.

The Gender Equality Quilt was our contribution, with a presentation by Women’s Voices representatives.  This quilt started at the Festival back in October 2018 with many of the attendees producing a tile.  All the embroidered tiles have been lovingly compiled into a major piece that is very expressive about the status of women.  It will be going into The Hold later this year but hopefully will be regularly shown at key events for women.

The Inner Wheel speaker was the new CEO of Ipswich Ipswich Housing Action Group (IHAG) a Registered Charity that was set up in 1976 to provide housing and other services for single homeless people in Ipswich – today they provide a range of services to over 5,000 people a year across Suffolk.

This is an amazing organisation that does so much for vulnerable people.