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Our Zoom meeting – 9th September 2020

One day before too long we hope to be meeting in reality but for now Zoom serves a good purpose.

We’ve been reading a very small book about a very big subject – Greta Thunberg’s ‘No one is too small to make a difference‘.  Climate change and its impact across the globe is one of our pillars of concern and we despair at the lack of action by political leaders to invest and take actions that will save our planet.  And as individuals we could probably do much more ourselves.  So it was interesting to review this book as a group and explore our views on the tactics that Greta had employed to get her message across and take a view on the impact she has had, not only on young people but all of us and our leaders.  Whilst we felt the string of her speeches inevitably resulted in some repetition, it was not a bad idea to ‘say it, say it again and repeat at the end’.  Her hard hitting style ensured she was listened to by key influencers.  It is absolutely clear that Governments must take a stand now, generate the investment and enable and encourage us to change our behaviour.  Sadly, the COVID crisis has taken the eye off the ball but we all need to place climate change at the top of our list or change.

And on 14th October we are delighted to welcome Deb Johnson, Lighthouse Women’s Aid, who will be talking about supporting women during lockdown and changes in future working.  Next year we’re hoping to hold a Quiz to raise more funds for Lighthouse.  We also regularly provide fresh toiletry bags full of the basic needs of a woman when fleeing from her abusive partner.