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Dame Vera Baird, Victims’ Commissioner Talk to Soroptimists

A fantastic meeting yesterday with Dame Vera Baird, Victims’ Commissioner, key speaker at our London Anglia Regional meeting, giving us an insight into her role, resources, and priorities in making change so that Victims of all events are included in the process, kept up to date, treated with respect and, whether the crime ends up in court or not, understand the issues. Few crimes are victimless. Be they burglaries, personal physical attacks or events of serious intentional or accidental deaths, the resulting trauma can significantly and negatively affect the victims’ lives. Only by treating victims inclusively can they feel their life can move on. Those who suffer from domestic abuse and their children are also victims, usually traumatised by their experiences of going to court. It is time for change.
Thank you Dame Vera.
This is a massive task for the Commissioner who has few powers, a small budget and very limited resources, but Dame Vera Baird is nothing but ingenious when it comes to persuading those that make the law, police it and work within the judicial system.