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Another Social Meeting

Following our successful online Gin and Tonic tasting session prior to Christmas we have been thinking about other topics for social meetings.  Of course, we could have decided to do wine tasting but most of us probably do rather a lot of that anyway!

Instead we decided on ‘Book It’

This time it was an evening sharing books we have read recently; why we liked them; why we didn’t like them and so on.

We named it Book It!  Why not!

Well, we certainly covered different genres of writings and obviously authors.  We found that some of us had similar likes and others very different ones.  Surely, that is what it was all about.

Some of us were reading books in the latest Top 10; some old favourites; some biographies; some about health and mental health; some new authors recommended by others.  So, it was a very varied evening and it was clear we all had an eclectic reading mix .

One of the members told us of book websites that give donations to nominated local bookshops, which must be a boon with them being closed at the current time. You might like to try:

We obviously now have lots more to read and will probably exchange views in another Book It! evening.