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Coastal Action Against Abuse (CAAA)


We are privileged to be invited to Coastal Action Against Abuse (CAAA) meetings.  It keeps us informed of what is happening on the ground and we can tailor our help as need be. Together we develop ideas for social media campaigns to reach out to our community – what is domestic abuse, where to go for information to find out where help and advice can be obtained.  And, of course, Lockdown has proved to be a breeding ground for increased levels of abuse.

CAAA have an excellent website for those who are concerned about domestic abuse, either for themselves or for someone else.  Go to and take a look – it provides information on where to go for help, whether for yourself or someone you might be concerned about.  View the clips of Patrick Stewart who saw his father abuse his mother many times and now speaks out against Domestic Violence.

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This forum brings together the different agencies in East Suffolk who work to prevent, protect and assist those who experience domestic violence.  Soroptimist International Ipswich and District is proud to be a partner.  Last year we jointly developed a White Ribbon campaign.  During each year we develop 3 or 4 social media campaigns to coincide with peak periods of domestic abuse – typically during national holidays and, of course, currently during the coronavirus lockdown.  And we aim to focus young people on what makes a healthy relationship and what does not.

Always remember, abuse is not your fault!