Joining Money Week at UCS Campus, Ipswich

We have been liaising with staff at UCS Campus on ways we can work together with benefit to both organisations.

Launching Recycling for Good Causes at UCS Campus, Suffolk


On 9th February, at the start of their Money Week initiative, UCS Campus Ipswich launched their fundraising initiative ‘Recycling for good Causes’ where redundant objects such as old mobile phones, cameras, jewellery etc are turned into cash.  Soroptimists have been using this Recycling organisation for some time and it has funded major initiatives such as building a maternity unit in The Gambia, training nurses for a hospital in South Africa that looks after HIV patients and more local causes such as our Bursary.



Filling the first Recycling for Good Causes Bag

Filling the first Recycling for Good Causes Bag

We talked to a number of UCS staff and students abut our organisation, explaining the name Soroptimists (best of sisters) and talking about the many different causes we assist locally and internationally; our lobbying and hands on practical involvement with people supported by local charities such as Lighthouse Women’s Aid and Suffolk Refugee Support.


Thank you UCS Campus for working with us and we hope many more joint initiatives will take place in the coming months.