Clubs voted to work towards preventing  Violence Against Women, by ensuring that every school is obliged to introduce a  programme of Relationships Education.   The Relationships Education element should be strengthened to include  respect in relationships between those of different genders, ethnicity, cultures  and sexuality, and should encompass some elements from Citizenship and social  education teaching.

As part of  this project club members got together in May to send out questionnaires to  secondary schools in the general Ipswich area to ascertain what schools are  already doing and to give their views about a statutory Relationships Education  programme.

The photo  shows members hard at work sending out the questionnaires.

We were fortunate to have Shirley Osborne joining us to talk about the ‘Teenage Relationships Abuse Campaign which she has been instrumental in driving forward.

Soroptimists have  a bookmark especially designed for those aged 13/16 years and we can provide these at a low cost to schools.  The bookmark describes in simple terms what makes a good relationship and what does not.  It is very effective.