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Programme Action

With a great Programme Action Officer within our team we have every reason to contribute in so many ways, large and small, to keep ACTION at the heart of what we do throughout the year.

We have a range of on-going projects at LOCAL level including working closely with our both local hospice and women’s refuge AND Suffolk Refugee Support, including a Bursary to help those who are ready to go back to work with funds to assist with the payment for a course or key equipment.  In the past we have assisted some of the abused women to be creative through art and writing about their experiences, culminating in a book ‘Every Six Seconds’.

As part of the London Anglia Region we have raised funds to train up nurses to work at an HIV hospital in S. Africa; helped to fund a simple medical procedure to help eradicate ‘Jiggers’, a parasite that particularly affects children who walk bare foot as it stops them being able to go to school; in Kenya; and supporting HIV Orphans in Zimbabwe to go to school – a costly business in that country.




At NATIONAL level supporting our Federations Presidents’ campaigns such as ‘See Solar, Cook Solar’  working in specific locations where electricity is almost non-existent.  The provision of solar lamps and ovens should enable women to study, work and have the opportunity to improve their lives significantly.  The Meru Garden Project in Kenya trained women to Market Garden – how to grow, how to market and how to sell their produce.  We have raised funds to re-build education in Nepal and now our Federation is helping ChoraChori to Empower Women in Nepal by helping girls to learn crafts and trades and how to run a business – so they become independent.  We are so pleased that the delightful campaigner Joanna Lumley has agreed to be our Ambassador for this Project.

Why not come along to one of our meetings to find out what a difference you could make too.