Reducing the Strength

Our October meeting began with a talk from Andrew Mason (Police T/Chief Inspector) about the ‘Reduce the Strength Campaign.  Essentially this was to help take 78 street drinkers in Ipswich off the street, giving them an opportunity to take advantage of special support to improve their lives.  Of these, disturbingly 40% are ex-Services personnel and one third are women.  Many of them have lead normal lives in the past.  The spiral down in alcoholism is beer/wine/spirits and finally super strength beers which are very cheap in off licences.  There are over 140 off licences in the central Ipswich area and of these 90 have stopped selling super strength beers. The Co-op led the way and others followed suit. The scheme has been considered a success and is rolling out countrywide – less than 40 now are on the streets of Ipswich and most of the others are now being given help.  If we want to help time is more important than money.