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Toilet Twinning – what you might ask?

We’re also raising funds for ‘Toilet Twinning’.  Across the world there are many areas without toilets in homes, schools, villages. So each of our members is working towards twinning their own toilet with another in such an area. The cost of one toilet is just £60, the cost of a block of toilets at a school is £240. Provide toilets and young people are safe when needing to go; puberty aged girls can go to school when they have a period. It makes so much difference to people’s lives.

Following a fundraising Supper in August and thr remaining proceeds from the fundraising lunch last Sunday we’re almost half way to our project of ‘toilet twinning’ to provide a block of toilets at a school in Africa. Socialising together over a meal with a glass of wine is a great way to raise money for our projects. Thanks to all our Soroptimist members and friends who contributed.